Homework ( given 21.10.2019)

Maths tasks and Spelling tasks can be found on EduShed.

There will be no homework during half term week although regular reading and multiplication revision is advisable.

The first task after half term will be a project based upon our trip to Woking Mosque. The project may be in the form of a fact file or poster, incorporating illustrations and writing. Pupils may wish to focus on the history of the mosque or what they learned during the visit,

Pupils who did not attend this visit may do some independent research  on the mosque or produce a piece of work based upon the 5 Pillars of  Islam ,as this has been covered in class.

The project will be due in on 18th November. The projects are expected to be display standard and no larger than A4 .

Homework ( given 14.10. 2019)

Spelling tasks and maths tasks can be found on EduShed. 

Spelling words are attached. 

Homework in the blue book is Causal Conjunctions - copy attached.

We are visiting Woking Mosque on Thursday. The pupils will have lunch at school before leaving at 12.30pm. Please remember that all pupils will need their jumpers and coats as we do spend some time outside. Girls will need to wear either trousers or a skirt to the knee,with tights. Girls will also need a scarf to cover their hair. We are looking forward to this opportunity to enhance our knowledge of the Muslim faith.

Homework ( week beginning 30.9.2019)

Spelling words and games  can be found on Spelling Shed and this week’s maths task is on Maths Shed.

A copy of the spelling words is attached in a photograph.

Additional homework will be given on Monday 30th September - Negative  Numbers. This will be stuck into the blue homework books and returned the following Monday. A copy of this homework is attached.

Egyptian Projects

Well done to all the pupils who completed their Egyptian project. They are now on display and they are receiving many compliments from visitors to our classrooms. 

Homework ( week beginning 23.9.2019)


Spelling tasks and a maths tasks can be found on Spelling Shed and Maths Shed. Please find attached a photograph of the Spelling words  ( just in case you have problems on line) . The spellings will be tested on Friday. In addition this week , pupils will be given grammar homework . The relative clauses work will be given out on Monday along with a blue homework book. A photograph of this homework is also attached.

Please keep revising multiplication tables for rapid recall. Some pupils have performed really well in the first 'Golden 100' test.

The Egyptian project is due in on 23rd September.

A reminder that our trip to Woking Mosque is on 17th October. All permission forms and payment are due in on 30th September. 

Homework ( week beginning 16.9.19)

On Friday, the pupils were given their new Spelling Shed passwords which should be glued inside the Reading Records.

The spelling homework is on line and also in the attached photograph. The maths homework can be found on Maths Shed.

The Egyptian Research Project is due in on Monday 23rd September.

Please record your child's reading 4 times per week . The reading records are checked on Fridays.

Welcome to Year 5 2019-2020

The pupils of Hazel and Rowan have settled in really well over the last two days. They are now part of 'Upper School' and they are expected to show a good example to our younger pupils . They are enjoying this responsibility. 

Egyptian Day

Hopefully you have received the information regarding Egyptian Day via parent mail. This is on Thursday 12th September.

Pupils have been given stationery to use in class . Some pupils may wish to bring in their own handwriting pen, this must be a blue fibre tipped pen. They may also wish to bring in their own glue stick . Please ensure that all items are labelled. Novelty or scented items are not allowed.


Reading Records

The pupils have all been given a Reading Record. Please record their reading four times per week. The  Reading Record needs to go from home to school every day. They will be checked on Fridays.

Spelling Shed

Spelling Shed passwords will be reset early next week and we will then be able to set spelling homework on line. Our first Spelling Shed test will be on Friday 20th September. Until then we will test on random words from the years 3 and 4 list ( given out in July for summer revision).

Multiplication Tables

Pupils are give a 'Golden 100' tables test each week. Keep revising times tables and related division facts for rapid recall.

Research Project

The first piece of homework this year will be a research project based upon our topic 'Ancient Egypt'. Pupils may choose one aspect of this topic to research, for example : hieroglyphics, Egyptian gods, pyramids, food and farming, the River Nile, Tutankhamen . The projects will be used for display so high levels of presentation are expected, ideally hand written with illustrations rather than computer print outs. Please present the work as a poster or fact file , no larger than A4.

Pupils have two weeks to complete the project- please bring them into school on Monday 23rd September.

We look forward to working with you and your child,

The Year 5  Team.